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We are a friendly group of instructors of love to share their passion for Nordic Walking and helping people to achieve their goals. Nothing make us happier than to see someone learn about Nordic Walking, fall in love with it and then use it hit their personal weight loss or fitness goals.

You don’t have to be a member and you will always be welcome. Nordic Walking is great fun and our instructors will not only ensure that you reach your health goals but that you have a great time doing it! You will learn all you need to know in a relaxed friendly atmosphere with the Learn To Nordic Walk course.

You can read about each class and instructor on our website. We cater for all ages and level of fitness.

Beverley Turner

A glance at my bookshelves would reveal not only a love of books, but a strong interest in healthy and sustainable living. The missing link for me had always been finding an enjoyable form of exercise that I felt comfortable doing, could easily fit into my busy life and really excited and motivated me to keep doing it.

Nordic Walking has provided that missing link! It makes me smile, makes me feel good, mentally and physically, allows me to enjoy the fresh air in the beautiful area in which I live, and leaves me feeling energised. It is also a form of exercise that produces results in a time-efficient manner, which is critical for me as a time-poor mother of three boys. It gives those results with, seemingly, minimal effort, thanks to the poles. What’s not to like!

I am passionate about sharing Nordic Walking with anyone and everyone – but am particularly keen to introduce those who, like me, haven’t warmed to other forms of exercise, such as running or going to the gym. I have a professional background linked to education and the arts and enjoy mixing with a wide variety of people of all ages.

Cathy Fort

In 2012 after thirty five years as an Orthopaedic/ Trauma Nurse I decided to take my career in a different direction and set up my own Fitness and Pilates Training company. Still helping people but no longer in a hospital environment.

This gave me the freedom to develop programmes that could help people to get back to fitness and enjoy life again, which would give them the confidence to make lifestyle changes, maintain and adapt their fitness for life.

My family are all involved in sport and exercise at all levels and we have a passion for the great outdoors. We have two Jack Russell Terriers who love to go on adventure walks, surfing, and swimming with us.

My other interests are Zumba, cycling, and cooking.


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